ESGN Mock Draft Recap (My Picks)

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The ESGN Mock Draft 2.0 was last night and as always, it was interesting. I picked for both Cavs Legion GC and Jazz Gaming. Here were my results:

(Full Mock Draft: Twitch.tv/ESGN2k)

Cavs Legion GC

2020 Roster: Strainer(G)-Doza(G)-Godddof2K(G/F)-JoshJay(G/F)-AllHailTrey(F)-oLarry(C)

Draft Selections: No. 21, No. 41, No. 62

Pick No. 21: WorthingColt (C)

Headed into the mock draft, it was obvious the team needs for Cavs Legion GC: frontcourt, frontcourt, frontcourt. With oFab and Strainer, the backcourt is clearly solidified. Godddof2K was Season Two NBA 2K League DPOY, so we’re set at lockdown defender. After spending our assets acquiring a superstar talent in Fab, it’s now time to surround our floor general with frontcourt players to bolster our defense and compliment offensively.

WorthingColt was the perfect start. A former NBA 2K League professional, Colt has put together a nice offseason so far, specifically shining in the new ‘popper’ meta next-gen NBA 2K21 brought us. Other players that interested me were Idris, Spartan, and Crown, but all 3 were selected in the lottery.

Pick No. 41: GLO (PF)

Even after going with a big man with our first-round pick, I decided to go back-to-back, this time selecting Dominican Republic FIBA standout, GLO. I didn’t think a player of GLO’s talent would fall this far, but it’s a mock draft. While the NapX ranking of #6 might be a bit high, it does show how highly the community evaluators think of him.

GLO was a member of the Tunnel Vision team who became known for their unique style of defense and 5-out offense, taking home the first team tournament of 2020. Most recently, GLO shined during the FIBA Esports Open for the Dominican Republic national team. Starting at power forward, the squad made a Grand Finals appearance, going toe-to-toe with Team USA before settling for second place.

Other guys that would have interested me: KayAus (selected No. 22), xoLebron (selected No. 26), Shuttles (selected No. 50)

Pick No. 62: Mr. Stylez (G/F)

We have our likely starting five set between Fab(PG)-Strainer(G)-Godddof2K(G/F)-GLO(PF)-WorthingColt(C). Now it’s time to make a decision on our sixth man. I had a few guys in mind that were taken beforehand, including a hypothetical ToxSik-Cleveland reunion, but he was picked at No. 54 to Bucks Gaming.

What it came down to for me: frontcourt depth and versatility. In addition, with such a late selection (literally the last), I feel like I can take a swing if I want.

Mr. Stylez checked every single box for me. Hawks Talon GC wasn’t exactly must-watch towards the end of last season, but Stylez quietly played really solid 2K down the stretch. He offers versatility, moving all over the lineup during his career in the league. Lastly, Stylez was the fourth overall pick just a few years ago (2019). The high ceiling is still there, but if it doesn’t work out, our experiment cost the last pick in the draft. Oh well.

*Hypothetical* 2021 Roster: oFab(PG)-Strainer(G)-Godddof2K(G/F)-Stylez(G/F)-Glo(F)-WorthingColt(C)

Jazz Gaming

2020 Roster: Splashy(PG)-Lotty(G)-GetOnMyLevel(G)-YeahICompete(G/F)-Beezus(F)-Ria(C)

Draft Selections: No. 21, No. 57

Pick No. 20: Lotty (SG)

Pick No. 57: GetOnMyLevel (G)

My research for Jazz Gaming went a little different. You know how they say “happy wife, happy life”? Well, the same thing applies to hypothetical NBA 2K League GM and head coach relationships. All you have to do is check Comp’s Twitter timeline to know what he wants:

A few things for the “Jazz could have just retained” crowd: Technically sure, but then they couldn’t have retained Beezus, who likely wouldn’t make it to No. 20 in a draft filled with teams looking for top power forward talent. Teams can’t retain five (or six). It was a business decision, and Utah prioritized defense after transforming into one of the league’s best during Season Three, behind Beezus-Ria-Compete.

Lotty fell to No. 20, GetOnMyLevel fell to No. 57, and my job was easy. At the end of the day, I returned a 14-2 team that made deep playoff and tournament runs. I’ll live with it.

*Hypothetical* 2021 Roster: Splashy(PG)-Lotty(G)-GetOnMyLevel(G)-YeahICompete(G/F)-Beezus(F)-Ria(C)

Comments, likes, retweets, feedback, etc. always greatly appreciated. As always, thank you for reading. You can find a full mock draft recap with grades @ twitch.tv/sportstein. My socials below:

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