Draft Day Blueprint: Pistons GT

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With the retainment period over and the trade window closed, we’re officially onto Draft Season. In attempts to avoid mock drafts and everything that comes with them, I present to you ‘Draft Day Blueprints’. In this series, we’ll talk team-building strategies and discuss different paths each NBA 2K League team could go down with the remainder of their respective offseasons. We’ll start with Lakers Gaming at No. 1 overall and go from there. Let’s get into it.

**********Picks do not reflect player rankings by any means**********

Next up: Pistons GT

Roster: Ramo (F/C), Charger (G/F)

Picks: No. 4, No. 25, No. 39, No. 61

Pistons GT finished last season with a 3-13 record, tying for last place with Lakers Gaming. Detroit was expecting a better performance after re-acquiring Ramo (via Pacers Gaming) and trading for DemonJT (via Wizards District Gaming) during the 2020 offseason, but things didn’t work out. Now, after deciding to retain just a pair of guys, Pistons GT will look to rebuild their roster primarily through the draft.

With picks No. 4, No. 25, No. 39, and No. 61, Detroit doesn’t lack firepower when it comes to draft selections. In addition to the four picks, Adam Rubin and co. are looking at a current lineup of:

Point Guard:


Lock: Charger (?)

Power Forward: Ramo (?), Charger (?)

Center: Ramo (?)

With a superstar talent in Ramo, and last year’s first-round draft pick Charger, a versatile 2K player capable of playing lockdown defender or power forward, Detroit has a glaring need in the backcourt. Half of the roster started games at point guard last season, with DemonJT, LykaPro, and Ramo all logging minutes at the position. With the fourth overall selection, you can safely put your money on Pistons GT selecting a point guard.

Predicting which point guard ends up being the selection is the tough part. We’ve talked about the AntSZN situation during this ‘Draft Day Blueprint’ series. As talented a prospect as he is, he just might not fit with some organizations and Detroit could be one of those organizations. If the team decides to look elsewhere, other top point guard prospects include AWalkingBucket, Fanta, Rigby, HoodieDre, and Greenlight. AWalkingBucket is a very strong candidate, but nothing is guaranteed, as Pacers Gaming (pick No. 2) has the first crack at available point guards.

I’ve seen the theory floating around that Detroit could opt to wait on a point guard until pick No. 25. The rationale behind that: Miami is the only other point guard needy team at No. 7, and after Heat Check Gaming, the draft is expected to see a long run of centers, lockdowns, and power forwards come off of the board. Personally, I wouldn’t leave the fate of my franchise’s most important position in other organization’s hands.

Even if Detroit wants to wait until 25 to select their lead ball-handler, why not trade down and pick up additional assets in the process? Would a team like Grizz Gaming be interested in packaging their No. 14 and No. 16 selections in order to move into the top-4? Maybe.

At the end of the day, we’re hypothetically drafting a point guard at No. 4, handing him the keys to the offense, and hoping for the best. Onto pick No. 25. We still need to fill out half of our roster at this point, but we have a strong core with Ramo, Charger, and whichever ball-handler we go with at pick No. 4. Decision time. Ramo is likely Detroit’s starting center opening night (pending league build), but nothing else is set in stone, which is where Charger’s versatility comes into play.

If one of Detroit’s top lockdown prospects falls to 25, why not? Charger is interchangeable and if the pick doesn’t work out, lockdowns can typically transition to the power forward position (another team need) seamlessly. But, maybe Pistons GT is committed to Charger as the team’s lockdown defender.

In that case, and I’ll continue to say it for any team needing frontcourt help, if you can land Idris or Spartan with a second-round pick, it’s so simple: just do it. Pistons GT could choose to solidify the backcourt instead, selecting the best available guard to pair with their first selection of the night. There’s not a chance guys like Lotty or ReeseDaGod fall this far with their former teams picking in the backend of the first round (Jazz; 20, Wizards; 23), so Detroit would likely be looking at prospects such as Caliraq, Faiz, Chess or Killey.

For the sake of the post, I’m saying Pistons GT gets lucky and finds Idris or Spartan available here at No. 25. Moving on to pick No. 39, where we still have a hole to fill in the backcourt. With the results of our draft so far, the pick here is simple: take the best secondary on the board. Mock drafts have had Caliraq all over the place but if Detroit can land the two-way sharpshooter, or a prospect similar to him this late, it’d be an easy pick.

Maybe after drafting rookies back-to-back, Adam Rubin would rather add another veteran to the mix. Guys like Rando, Killey, Jrod, etc. could slip down the draft board, falling right into Detroit’s lap at No. 39. Either way, we’re selecting our starting shooting guard with this selection.

Pistons GT is just one of three teams with a fourth-round selection, picking No. 61. With a strong frontcourt in Ramo, Charger, and Pick No. 25 (Idris, Spartan), Detroit is likely eyeing a backup point guard. Pistons GT could take a swing on a prospect like xNotDP, CooksIverson, or xJvmper, but my money would be on a point guard with league experience here. In fact, I truly think this might be the perfect landing spot for a guy like BOHIO, who was highly-touted around this time last year, but has seen his stock plummet after struggling in his rookie season.

That leaves us with a roster of:

Point Guard: Pick No. 4 (AWalkingBucket, AntSZN, Rigby, etc.)

Secondary: Pick No. 39 (CaliRaq, Rando, Killey, Jrod, etc.)

Lock: Charger

Power Forward: Pick No. 25 (Idris, Spartan)

Center: Ramo

Sixth Man: Pick No. 61 (BOHIO, xNotDP, CooksIverson, xJvmper)

Let me know what you think or if you’d do anything differently drafting for Pistons GT. Feedback is always greatly appreciated. Twitter: @aarontfox

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