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Pacers Gaming is 100% the most social media-active team. Finding information, videos, stats, etc. was incredibly easy because of how they run shop over there, so shout out to Pacers Gaming for that. Let’s take a look at last season:

Pacers Gaming, led by head coach Cody Parrent, went 10-6 in the regular season last year, with a 6-3 record in tournament play. After being bounced 0-2 round 1 against the 76ers squad, it was time for some changes. Pacers Gaming was involved in 2 blockbusters this offseason: acquiring veteran NateKahl, and trading superstar Ramo back to Detroit for picks. Parrent called NateKahl “one of the elite performers”, and he’s not wrong. While studying the Nets GC, it was blatantly apparent the impact the savvy lockdown has. It just came to me, and my NBA comparison for NateKahl: Marcus Smart. This is no light praise from me, as Smart is one of my favorite players. The two just have a knack for making the right play at the right time.

Losing Ramo (leading scorer and assist man) hurts, but the team had holes to fill. At 4th overall, (pick acquired in Ramo trade) Indiana selected PG Bohio to address their ball-handling woes. Bohio seems to be a true slashing playmaker, consistently getting to the rim and putting up shots. Swizurk is a straight shooter. We already know how I feel about NateKahl. Returning big man Wolf has already made a name for himself as a top power forward in the league. How will the switch to center go? In addition to these players, Pacers Gaming added corner stretch-defender Jomar, and 6th man BobbyBuckets “aka Bobby Broadcaster”. Will a roster shakeup be exactly what the Pacers need to push deeper in the playoffs? Get a look at the new squad below:


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