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I’m just going to say it: the NBA2K League is absolutely blessed with skilled point guards. I’ve studied about 1/4 of the league at this point, and every team has impressive PG play. At the helm for Blazer5 Gaming: Mama Im Dat Man, and he lives up to the name. Portland’s YouTube channel has a 2-minute highlight reel for every game they played last season. Check this one out, where they put on an absolute offensive clinic against the Knicks:

The Blazers boasted a league-best record last season, including a 14 game winning streak, but couldn’t edge past the Warriors in round 1 of the playoffs. Despite the disappointing end to their season, PG Mama Im Dat Man took home the season 2 MVP award (23.1 PPG, 11.6 apg), matching his teammate’s (OneWildWalnut) MVP from season 1. Now as ya’ll know, the league is revolved around the PNR in most cases. Imagine how good a PNR is with two MVP’s running it: Clean. As. Hell. Mama is what I call “Mr. Fundamental” and here’s why: he will dribble directly to his spot with no dribble moves if you let him. He isn’t here to be flashy if you don’t make him, and he’ll kill you for 25 and 12 with minimal effort. Just watch:

The league might be young, but I’m not sure a team will ever have as good a draft as the Blazers did in 2018. Drafting an MVP winning PG in Mama, a Defensive Player of the year and MVP in Walnut, and still grabbing an elite role player in Lavish is an insane haul. With a solid core in place, the Blazer5 Gaming squad has shuffled pieces around in both offseasons, in an attempt to find the right fits. This offseason, B5 traded away their first-round pick to the Heat for “swiss-army knife” MAJES7IC. With their remaining picks, the team selected Hood and OOC Slim. “Hood is somebody I can rely on to get a bucket, out of the corner, on the wing, and he’s gonna bring that energy that we’ve been needing” – PG Mama on the addition of Hood.

Newcomer MAJES7IC, Mama, and Walnut showed off their newfound chemistry in the NBA 2KL Three For All Showdown, winning the entire tournament. B5 also competed in the Spring 16 Tournament, which went… differently. I’m going to preface this by saying: there were absolutely connection issues (including lagouts and a reset) but the team simply did not play well. Miscommunications on defense and poor decisions on offense led to dominant wins for Gen G. It just wasn’t Portland’s day, as tough shots fell for Gen G, and opens clanked off the back of the rim for the Blazers. I fully expect the B5’s performance to look different come regular season tip-off.

Starting 5 for Spring 16: PG Mama SG Majestic SF Lavish PF Hood C Walnut

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