Defiance vs. Liquid Pro-Am Review

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Defiance vs. Liquid Pro-Am Review


PG: Claude 

SG: Benzo

SF: Zayy

PF: Don

C: Crown 

Liquid Pro-Am

PG: Seldum

SG: Gliz

SF: Bagmotion

PF: Merc

C: Ploe

Game One: Defiance defeats Liquid 66-64

Game Two: Liquid defeats Defiance 60-49

Game Three: Defiance defeats Liquid 60-46

Keys to the Game 

  • Seldum was able to find occasional success working the middle and the right wing behind the arc.
  • Claude was able to effectively work the middle from three-point range to propel Defiance to a series victory¬†
  • Stagnant offense in game three from Liquid Allowed Defiance to force some turnovers, giving Benzo some opportunities to get out on the break. He also occasionally found success in the half court taking his rim runs and hitting some fades when working towards the middle on his left side.
  • Crown played solid on both ends of the floor, stepping up on the three-point line when needed, being able to read when he has a open slip, and controlling the glass on the defensive end (16ppg-10rpg).
  • At the end of game one Bag had a cut straight to the basket off of the inbound, but Seldum tried to take a three to win the game instead of going for a tie.

Matchup MVP: Crown (16ppg-10rpg)

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