(Belated) Closed Combine Report

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Remember the NBA 2K League closed combine that feels like happened weeks ago? Here are some notable performances, highlights, statistics, etc. from last weekend (both nights included):

1. Notable Performances

2. Available Player Averages

3. All-Combine Teams

4. Closed Combine Highlights


Notable Performances

GlennRatty: 26pts-11asts-5stls-1to (11-for-15)

Arsonal: 22pts-11asts-2asts-stl (10-for-11)

Ceez: 21pts-21asts (7-for-11)

Krazy ‘ToTheBaja’: 26pts-10rebs-5asts-3stls-2blks (11-for-12)

AntDontMiss: 8pts-16rebs-5asts-2stls-1blk

BryTheKidd: 32pts-9asts (14-for-17)

Milo: 26pts-12rebs-2asts-stl (13-for-16)

KerryJr: 12pts-8rebs-4asts-3stls-blk

OaklandRose: 34pts-14asts (6-for-9 3PT)

Vults: 12pts-10rebs-7asts-1stl (5-for-7)

Myles: 12pts-10rebs-4asts-3stls (5-for-7)

PickSix: 28pts-10asts-stls (5-for-9 3PT)

Ceez: 42pts-9asts-3stls (8-for-12 3PT)

RabbTiller: 33pts-13asts-1stl

Dawsix: 25pts-2rebs-2stls-2blks (6-for-7 3PT)

Symelo: 23pts-9asts (9-for-14)

Fakiee: 5pts-3rebs-5asts-5stls-blk

Gooner: 23pts-2rebs-1ast (7-for-9 3PT)

JG76FRVR: 8pts-9rebs-3asts-2stls

FitzMagic: 23pts-2rebs-stl-3blks (8-for-10)

DrippyYan: 30pts-8asts

Spartan: 19pts-6rebs-6asts-2stls-2blks (8-for-10)

CooksIverson: 20pts-12asts

KayAus: 17pts-10rebs-5asts-3stls (8-for-12)

Majestic: 18pts-15rebs-6asts-2stls

Toxsik: 30pts-4asts-5stls (8-for-10 3PT)

Unguardable: 18pts-14asts-2stls

Rigby: 25pts-6asts-1stl-2blks

Wale: 25pts-14rebs-7asts-1stl-4blks (10-for-11)

Dailee: 30pts-8asts-1stl (10-for-14)

Ceez: 53pts-8asts-3stls-1blk

Seldum: 24pts-16asts-0tos (7-for-9 3PT)

WinnerStayzOn: 26pts-5rebs-1stl (6-for-7 3PT)

KayAus: 15pts-16rebs-10asts-3stls-1blk (7-for-9)

Faiz: 22pts-2rebs-4asts-2stls-4blks (5-for-6 3PT)

Chess: 36pts-2asts-2stls (10-for-11 3PT)

MindOfMamba: 29pts-5asts (9-for-12 3PT)

Mo: 25pts-4asts-6stls-1blk (9-for-13)

Numbers: 14pts-7rebs-3stls

KayAus: 19pts-11rebs-4asts-3stls-2blks

Fxnessed: 34pts-2stls

Ceez: 39pts-11asts-2stls (9-for-14 3PT)

Player Averages

If you DM’d, commented, or @’d me in a post that contained your averages, thank you. Available players averages (includes both closed and open combine):

Wale: 15.4pts-7.6rebs-3asts-0.6stls-1.3blks-1.8tos-76%

RabbTiller: 25.7pts-7asts-1.8stls-57%-51%

Mo (G): 17.5pts-2.75asts-3stls-1to (6-2)

TheVille (Lock): 9.25pts-1.25asts-82%-81%

BryTheKidd (PG): 25.4pts-9.2asts-1.6stls (7-0)

OaklandRose (PG): 25pts-10.5asts-1.4stls-2.4tos-65%-57% (7-0)

WinnerStayzOn (Lock/PF): 14pts-5.25rebs-1ast-0.5stls-1to-65%-58%

Reign (C): 13.8pts-9.1rebs-3.8asts-1.8stls-1.3blks-1.6tos-76%

Cuban (PG): 25pts-12asts-1stl-67%-50%

ImJCurry (G): 15.9pts-6.9asts-0.6stls-0.4blks-67%-62%

Burr (Lock): 10pts-1ast-1.75rebs-0.75stls-0.75blks-78%

Fakiee (PF): 9pts-5.6rebs-3asts-1.3stls-0.7blks-60%-56%

KayAus (F/C): 13.7pts-8.6rebs-5.6asts-2stls-0.7blks-74% (11-4)

Unguardable (PG): 21pts-10asts-1.6stls-1.9tos-60%-54%

EG4Hunnid (G): 25pts-8.2asts-1.4stls-2.9tos-59%-56%

KingDoomz (G): 13.3pts-2rebs-1.7asts-0.7stls-0.6tos-57%-53%

Sawcfree (PF): 11.7pts-8.6rebs-2.6asts-0.7stls-1.5blks-74%-73%

Dailee (PG): 24pts-10asts-1.6stls-3tos-58%-55%

All-Combine Teams

First Team

(G) Ceez, (G) Greenlight, (Lock) Stylez, (F/C) KayAus, (C/F) WorthingColt

Second Team

(G) Seldum, (G) EG4Hunnid, (Lock) Toxsik, (C/F) Krazy, (C/F) Mario

Third Team

(G) OaklandRose, (G) RabbTiller, (Lock) Follow, (F/C) Wale, (C/F) Vults

Honorable Mentions

(PG) Dailee, (PG) Unguardable, (C) Milo, (Lock) TheVille, (Lock) IcyHill, (PF) Perm, (SG) KingDoomz, (Lock) IcyGrl, (Lock) Dawsix, (C) Arsonal, (G) Mo, (G) Killey, (PG) BryTheKidd, (C) ForeverPolo, (F) Fakiee

FAQWhy am I not on this “list”?

I’m glad you asked! There are plenty of possible reasons and none of them are because I hate you as a person or player. I’m sure you’re a fine 2K player, it’s nothing personal, and honestly, my opinion doesn’t matter. 


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