ADBA Playoffs: Perceive Reality vs. Farewell Gaming

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Perceive Reality 

PG: Killey

SG: Glenn

SF: HesCap

PF: ChrizzyX

C: Beezus

Farewell Gaming

PG: Regg

SG: Youngstar

SF: Tactuk

PF: Jomar

C: Larry

Game One: Farewell defeats Perceive Reality, 67-44

Game Two: Perceive Reality defeats Farewell, 61-40

Game Three: Perceive Reality defeats Farewell, 61-55

Keys to the Game 

  • Regg was able to find success working in the mid-range as well as finding his teammates on the fastbreak for open three-point attempts. Regg was also able to find success in the half court working the left hash from behind the arc.
  • Tactuk was able to slow Killey down throughout the series, often taking away his middle. Killey was able to find success working the left and right hash off of wraps, forcing Youngstar to play defense.
  • Beezus did a great job controlling the glass, giving Perceive Reality multiple opportunities for second chance points (15.3ppg-8.3rpg).

Matchup MVP: Beezus (15.3ppg-8.3rpg)

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