2019 NBA 2K League Draft Results

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2019 NBA 2K League Draft Results

General Information

Draft Date: March 5, 2019

Total selections: 75 + 8 expansion draft selections

Rookie of the Year winner: (PG) Reizey; 9th overall selection to Magic Gaming

2019 Expansion Draft Results

Round One

1. Hawks Talon GC: (PF/C) Shotz (via Blazer5 Gaming)

2. Nets Gaming Crew: (SF) NateKahl (via Knicks Gaming)

3. T-Wolves Gaming: (PF/C) oLarry (via Bucks Gaming)*

4. Lakers Gaming: (PF) Mootyy (via Kings Guard Gaming)

* Traded to Cavs Legion GC in exchange for (SG) Hood

Round Two

5. Lakers Gaming: (PG) Kontrul (via Magic Gaming)

6. T-Wolves Gaming: (PF/C) Feast (via 76ers GC)

7. Nets Gaming Crew: (PF/C) Shockey (via Pacers Gaming)

8. Hawks Talon GC: (PF/C) Arsonal (via Celtics Crossover Gaming)


1. Jazz Gaming: (C) Ria

2. Warriors Gaming Squad: (Lock) Gradient

3. Hawks Talon GC: (PG) BP

4. Pistons GT (PG) Mr. Stylez *

5. Mavs Gaming: (C) PeteBeBallin

6. Bucks Gaming: (C) Plondo

7. Grizz Gaming: (PG) Vandi

8. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (SF) Bulley

9. Magic Gaming: (PG) Reizey

10. Warriors Gaming Squad: (PG) CB13 **

11. T-Wolves Gaming: (PG) BearDaBeast

12. Nets Gaming Crew: (PG) Wavy

13. Hawks Talon GC: (SG) DevGoss

14. Mavs Gaming: (SG) Mo ***

15. Raptors Uprising GC: (SG) Doza

16. Pistons GT: (C) May

17. Bucks Gaming: (G) SlayIsland ****

18. Cavs Legion GC: (PG) LykaPro

19. 76ers GC: (PF) BreadWinner

20. Heat Check Gaming: (G) Lotty

21. Knicks Gaming: (SG) Malik

* Pistons GT acquired No. 4 from Pacers Gaming in exchange for (PF) Ramo

** Warriors Gaming Squad acquired No. 10 from Lakers Gaming in exchange for (F) Vert

*** Mavs Gaming acquired No. 14 from Wizards District Gaming in exchange for (C) Dayfri

**** Bucks Gaming acquired No. 17 from Blazer5 Gaming in exchange for (F) King Peroxide


22. Kings Guard Gaming: (SG) Seem

23. Jazz Gaming: (SG) EasyMoney

24. Pacers Gaming: (PF) LordBeezus

25. Mavs Gaming: (G) Sherm

26. Bucks Gaming: (PG) Chaddynick

27. Grizz Gaming: (SG) Jayrod

28. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (PF/C) NoAutographs

29. Magic Gaming: (PF) DT

30. Hawks Talon GC: (SG) Rando

31. Nets Gaming Crew (C) Shuttles

32. T-Wolves Gaming: (SF) TurnUpDefense

33. Lakers Gaming: (G) Kev

34. Wizards District Gaming: (PF) UserPick

35. Raptors Uprising GC: (G) OOC Slim

36. Blazer5 Gaming: (PF/C) TooCool


37. Kings Guard Gaming: (SF) Roman

38. Warriors Gaming Squad: (PF) Jin

39. Jazz Gaming: (F) Gliz

40. Pacers Gaming: (PG) Matty

41. Mavs Gaming: (F) Rux

42. Grizz Gaming: (SG) ToxSik

43. Magic Gaming: (SG) KelMav

44. Lakers Gaming: (PF) Detoxys

45. T-Wolves Gaming: (PF) Dr.Jojo

46. Nets Gaming Crew: (F) Lavish

47. Hawks Talon GC: (SF) Jay A Fool

48. Wizards District Gaming: (PF/C) PaulB

49. Raptors Uprising GC: (PF/C) KingQuai

50. Pistons GT: (PF/C) Jacko

51. Cavs Legion GC: (G) Strainer

52. Heat Check Gaming: (G) JMoneyRep

53. Kings Guard Gaming: (PF/C) Yusuf *

54. Wizards District Gaming: (SG) ReeseDaGod *

* Compensatory selection


55. Kings Guard Gaming: (SF) Zakky

56. Warriors Gaming Squad: (G) Chiquitae

57. Jazz Gaming: (F) KevDontMiss

58. Pacers Gaming: (SG) ManInACar

59. Mavs Gaming: (SG) GrantMonster

60. Bucks Gaming: (SF) RSG

61. Grizz Gaming: (F) DDouble

62. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (C) Suavy

63. Magic Gaming: (PF) TuckerLocksUp

64. Hawks Talon GC: (SF) XxSTL2LAxX

65. Nets Gaming Crew: (SG) itsChas

66. T-Wolves Gaming: (SG) NachoTraynor

67. Lakers Gaming: (SG) Safiya4ya

68. Wizards District Gaming: (C) Gilly

69. Raptors Uprising GC: (SG) TsJosh

70. Pistons GT: (PG) ixsplashkingxi

71. Blazer5 Gaming: (F/C) Jomar

72. Cavs Legion GC: (F) Savage

73. 76ers GC: (F) Cassius

74. Heat Check Gaming: (G) ChaChaChing

75. Knicks Gaming: (F/C) Hazza

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