2018 NBA 2K League Draft Results

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2018 NBA 2K League Draft Results

General Information

  • Inaugural NBA 2K League Draft
  • 102-person draft pool; every player was selected

Draft Date: April 4, 2018

2018 MVP Winner: (C) OneWildWalnut (Blazer5 Gaming)


1. Mavs Gaming: (PG) Dimez

2. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (PG) oFab

3. Jazz Gaming: (PG) Yeah I Compete

4. Kings Guard Gaming: (PF) Mootyy

5. Pistons GT: (PF) Ramo

6. Blazer5 Gaming: (C) OneWildWalnut

7. Heat Check Gaming: (C) Hotshot

8. Magic Gaming: (PG) Kontrul

9. Knicks Gaming: (C) Goofy

10. Bucks Gaming: (PG) ARooks

11. Raptors Uprising GC: (PG) KennyGotWork

12. Wizards District Gaming: (PG) DemonJT

13. Pacers Gaming: (SF) Wolf

14. 76ers GC: (PG) Radiant

15. Grizz Gaming: (PG) WinnerStayzOn

16. Cavs Legion GC: (PG) Hood

17. Warriors Gaming Squad: (SF) ShawnWin


18. Warriors Gaming Squad: (SG) BSmoove

19. Cavs Legion GC: (C) SickOne

20. Grizz Gaming: (C) AuthenticAfrican

21. 76ers GC: (SG) Newdini

22. Pacers Gaming: (SG) Swizurk

23. Wizards District Gaming: (PF) Shump

24. Raptors Uprising GC: (PF) Detoxys

25. Bucks Gaming: (C) oLarry

26. Knicks Gaming: (SF) NateKahl

27. Magic Gaming: (PF) UCMANNY

28. Heat Check Gaming: (PG) Majestic

29. Blazer5 Gaming: (PG) MamaImDatMan

30. Pistons GT: (SF) Insanity

31. Kings Guard Gaming: (C) WorthingColt

32. Jazz Gaming: (C) Slaughter

33. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (C) Arsonal

34. Mavs Gaming: (PF) Dayfri


35. Mavs Gaming: (C) JLB

36. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (SF) MelEast

37. Jazz Gaming: (PF) Deedz

38. Kings Guard Gaming: (PG) Timelycook

39. Pistons GT: (SG) ixsplashkingxi

40. Blazer5 Gaming: (PF) Shotz

41. Heat Check Gaming: (PF) 24K Dropoff

42. Magic Gaming: (SF) Supreme Puller

43. Knicks Gaming: (SG) YeyNotGaming

44. Bucks Gaming: (SG) Procis1on

45. Raptors Uprising GC: (C) Yusuf

46. Wizards District Gaming: (SG) ReeseDaGod

47. Pacers Gaming: (C) TuckerLocksUp

48. 76ers GC: (PF) Feast

49. Grizz Gaming: (SG) AyeThreat

50. Cavs Legion GC: (SF) Godddof2K

51. Warriors Gaming Squad: (PF) LeVert


52. Warriors Gaming Squad: (C) Type

53. Cavs Legion GC: (SG) ToxSik

54. Grizz Gaming: (SF) UniversalPhenom

55. 76ers GC: (SF) Steez

56. Pacers Gaming: (PG) Gooner

57. Wizards District Gaming: (SF) Jinsanity

58. Raptors Uprising GC: (SF) AllHailTray

59. Bucks Gaming: (SF) XxSTL2LAxX

60. Knicks Gaming: (PG) iamadamthe1st

61. Magic Gaming: (SG) NachoTraynor

62. Heat Check Gaming: (SF) SharpshooterLos

63. Blazer5 Gaming: (SF) LavishPhenom

64. Pistons GT: (C) Rux

65. Kings Guard Gaming: (SG) Safiya4ya

66. Jazz Gaming: (SG) Tifeworld

67. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (SG) Profusion

68. Mavs Gaming: (SG) Seem


69. Mavs Gaming: (SF) Devillon

70. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (PF) Speedbrook

71. Jazz Gaming: (SF) 24K JSmoove

72. Kings Guard Gaming: (SF) Cowboyxcollazo

73. Pistons GT: (PG) Doza

74. Blazer5 Gaming: (SG) GrantMonster

75. Heat Check Gaming: (SG) Jalen03303

76. Magic Gaming: (C) marley213s

77. Knicks Gaming: (C) Idris

78. Bucks Gaming: (PF) King Peroxide

79. Raptors Uprising GC: (SG) TsJosh

80. Wizards District Gaming: (C) Gilly

81. Pacers Gaming: (PF) FrostytheTruth

82. 76ers GC: (C) xTFr3sHxX

83. Grizz Gaming: (PF) PHENOM vv

84. Cavs Legion GC: (PF) TurnUpDefense

85. Warriors Gaming Squad: (PG) LykaPro


86. Warriors Gaming Squad: (PG) EatSleepHoop15

87. Cavs Legion GC: (PG) SavageDoWerk

88. Grizz Gaming: (SF) Ddouble

89. 76ers GC: (PG) Scretty

90. Pacers Gaming: (SF) The Playa

91. Wizards District Gaming: (SG) Doom

92. Raptors Uprising GC: (C) King Quai

93. Bucks Gaming: (SF) BigBaby2K

94. Knicks Gaming: (PF) xKPMR

95. Magic Gaming: (PF) KingCamRoyalty

96. Heat Check Gaming: (SG) Hyper Is Pro

97. Blazer5 Gaming: (C) Jomar

98. Pistons GT: (C) JosephTheTruth

99. Kings Guard Gaming: (SG) ColeWorld

100. Jazz Gaming: (PF) Stambreezy

101. Celtics Crossover Gaming: (PG) PalmOilPlease

102. Mavs Gaming: (C) Hazza

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