10 Thoughts Post UPA World Championship

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Juice2K:10 Thoughts Post UPA World Championship
  1. Merc just proved himself once again. Talented, charismatic, and hungry for success. Big things headed this way if he stays on this path.
  2. Dallas was the perfect location for this, I could see it being in NYC or Orlando but this Dallas location couldn’t have been better.
  3. I completely understand the reasoning but having the finals be best of 3 was underwhelming.
  4. Glizzy vs Johnny was the best thing to happen in Pro-Am all year. Literally the best of the best going bucket for bucket. Respect to both of those guys. 
  5. I want to issue a formal apology to KingsWorld for not making my lock list. Dude balled out all weekend long and proved he’s here to stay. 
  6. Liquid Underground was the biggest disappointment of the weekend, does having Raw in the lineup make a big difference? We will never know. Respect to them. 
  7. The stage was super cool but the energy of those table setups will forever be unmatched.
  8. Shoutout to Dayfri, Dimez, Spartan, Fakie, and the rest of the league guys who came to support the community. It means a lot to everyone in the building to have the pro players there.
  9. Just putting this into perspective: the community is split between 2 generations of consoles, there’s a pandemic going on, a handful of top teams couldn’t show up and STILL the UPA guys managed to make this event 10x better than anyone could’ve imagined.
  10. My guy Jyden is really like that, dude showed out all weekend long and hooped at the highest level.

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